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Law Offices of Rina Feld

Probate Administration

Carrying out the end of life wishes of
your loved ones

Law Offices of Rina Feld

Estate Planning

Ensuring that your loves ones are taken care of after you’re gone

Law Offices of Rina Feld

Property Damage Claims

Ensuring individuals, families and businesses adequately collect on their Homeowners Insurance Claims

Law Offices of Rina Feld

Civil Litigation

Resolving civil disputes for individuals and

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Crucial Law Update on Your Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Last week was a crucial week in the area of homeowner’s property claims and the ever changing laws in this area. There were two decisions and a key Bill which passed the Florida legislature that you should be aware of when dealing with a homeowner’s insurance company for a loss suffered at your property.

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Hurricane Irma Claims Still Pending

Almost ten months later and there are still nearly 100,000 claims which remain open throughout the State of Florida from Hurricane Irma damage, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

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