Estate planning is as essential for young people, as it is for the elderly. It is also just as essential for people who are just beginning their careers, as it is for high wealth individuals. It is never too early to begin planning your estate.

Estate planning allows you to decide to whom your possessions, assets, and even children will go, after your death. It is also an essential tool to quickly and efficiently transfer property with little legality and emotional distress. And, estate planning allows you to minimize the expense and burden of taxes and probate.

Most importantly, estate planning allows you to plan for more than just the distribution of assets, it allows you to pre-determine certain medical care decisions before it is too late. A proper estate plan provides many protections for your end of life directives, as well as a peace of mind for your entire family.

The Law Offices of Rina Feld can provide appropriate estate planning documents to a variety of clients using cost-effective means. Our goal is to provide efficient and compassionate plans for estates and families of any size.

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