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Probate Administration

Probate administration is the court process involved when dealing with the assets, debts and gifts of a deceased person. Often, this process is daunting, complex and time consuming. Whether your deceased loved one left a will or not, the help of a probate attorney may be required by law.

This firm is dedicated to providing high quality representation by efficiently and compassionately handling a probate administration. Together with you and your family we will ensure that your rights are protected and the deceased's wishes are respected. Our goal is to make this very difficult time less stressful.

Services Provided Formal Administration

If you recently lost a loved one, you may need to go through the probate process in order to sort out their affairs. Formal administration is the most common type of probate proceeding. If your loved one left behind a Last Will and Testament nominating a Personal Representative, that person will need to come forward to file the appropriate petitions with the Court, through an attorney. If there is no Last Will and Testament, Florida Statutes dictate who has priority in becoming the Personal Representative. The Personal Representative is required to be represented by an attorney, in Florida. It is the job of the Personal Representative to gather all the assets of the deceased person, and present them to the probate court so they can be properly distributed, as required by law. Any beneficiary who has any type of claim to the estate may challenge a Personal Representative appointment, if they have cause.

Summary Administration

If your loved one left behind a small estate, you may be entitled to a faster, more efficient probate process called a Summary Administration. In a Summary Administration, a Personal Representative is not necessary because the assets typically consist of an amount under $75,000, after exempt property, or the decedent has been gone for two years or longer.

Ancillary Administration

If your loved one was a resident of another state when they passed away, but had property in Florida at death, you may be required to do an ancillary administration. In order to properly dispose of a Florida property, for a person who died as a resident of another state, the Personal Representative or Executor of the deceased persons estate in whichever state they are in, must contact a Florida probate attorney to file the appropriate petitions. It is likely that a Personal Representative or Executor who is serving in the resident state, will also qualify to serve as the Personal Representative in the Florida Ancillary Probate Administration.

Representing Personal Representatives and Executors

If you have been named as a Personal Representative in your loved ones will, you are required by law to be represented by an attorney. We are located in Palm Beach County and have attorneys around South Florida able to represent you, and assist in the Probate process.

Representing Beneficiaries' Interests

If you are a beneficiary of a deceased's estate, you may have rights that need to be protected. Please call us to discuss whether you require your own representation.

Inheritance Disputes

If you are an heir and have disputes with other heirs, you may have rights that need to be protected.

Client Reviews
"I was told by my insurance adjuster that Rina was a fabulous attorney who will fight hard for her clients and he was right. She did an outstanding job communicating with me throughout a stressful negotiation process and I was so happy with the settlement she got for me. Highly recommend the Law Offices of Rina Feld!” Mark L.
I had water damage to the inside of my home and homeowners insurance automatically rejected my claim. After giving up fighting them on my own i contacted Rina and she petsonally discussed options and explained the procedure. After about 4 months my claim was resolved , Rina worked pro bono so did not cost me a penny. I now have new ceilings ! Thoroughly recommended. Christopher D.
Rina is very efficient. She always kept me updated and worked very quickly. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly and made sure that I understood, although my primary language is Spanish. Mariel C.