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Property Damage Insurance Claims

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Handling: Denied, Underpaid or Delayed Insurance Claims

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When your home, property or business is damaged by a storm, fire, tornado, flood, plumbing break, mold, roof leak, or another sudden and accidental occurrence, the instinctive response is to file an insurance claim. You pay your insurance premiums diligently in order to be prepared for this situation. You should be able to concentrate on rebuilding your property or business, rather than fighting with the insurance company. But, insurance carriers routinely wrongfully deny, underpay or delay payment.

Law Offices of Rina Feld can help you fight back and maximize your recovery.

Law Offices of Rina Feld are dedicated to ensuring that the homeowner is represented in the fight against the insurance companies. We are here to help you navigate your claim from start to finish. The insurance companies are working hard to maximize their profits by denying, delaying or underpaying your claim. We work hard to maximize YOUR claim.

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