What to do after a Hurricane

Now that Hurricane Irma, the worst hurricane in American history has passed, it left behind quite a mess.

But, now that the power is back on, schools and work is re-opened, the debris begins to be cleaned away, you probably notice that you have wind and water damage all over your home. Whether it’s a roof leak, that wasn’t there before; a refrigerator leak because of the power outage; a leak in the A/C unit because of water pressure; broken in fences or screens; and anything far in between – it’s likely that you suffered some form of property damage to your home as a result of this monster of a hurricane.

The first thing you need to do is claim it to your insurance company immediately.  If you do not claim it within the first fourteen (14) days, you may waive your right to payment.  The adjuster should be out to see your home within days.  If they do not arrive within 48-72 hours, make sure you take matters into your own hands and begin mitigating your damages.  This means hiring a water mitigation company or simply a repairman to ensure that the damage does not get worse. 

The insurance company has several checklist items that must be complete before they will issue a coverage decision, make sure to follow all the appropriate steps to have your claim adjusted quickly and effectively.  Furthermore, the insurance companies have a statutory ninety (90) days to provide a coverage decision, by Florida law.  Make sure that during that ninety-day waiting period you continue to mitigate your damages and preserve the claim for the insurance adjusters to evaluate.  Otherwise, you may waive your rights to coverage.

If you’ve been complicit with your post-loss duties, and mitigated your damages, and waited the appropriate time period but your claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid, you may have further rights.  Please contact us so we can ensure your rights are protected.

Call me today to discuss your options at (561) 600-8843; or book an appointment right from this website.

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