Hurricane Irma Claims Still Pending

Almost ten months later and there are still nearly 100,000 claims which remain open throughout the State of Florida from Hurricane Irma damage, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. This means that as the hurricane season of 2018 ramps up, hundreds of thousands of families are living in damaged homes which may not be able to withstand another hurricane, while Insurance Carriers continue to thwart their responsibilities to their Insured’s and pass the buck on paying for the damage.

Unfortunately, this strategy is all too common. Many Insurance Carriers will not take the time and effort to properly evaluate insured’s claims after a hurricane because they are always unprepared and understaffed. Often, the only recourse is to file suit.

If you, or someone you know, are still struggling to get an adequate pay-out for your Hurricane Irma Claim and the damage to your property, call me today to discuss your options, at no cost to you (561) 600-8843; or book an appointment right through this website.

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